Photopoetry: Reframing Landscapes

Generate and assemble writing and landscape photography to create a multi-media narrative through the use of images, text and/or audio recording.

With Teaching Artists Megan Mack and Abby Wooten

June 18 2022,11am to 6pm (4pm to 6pm at Philips Farm Park)

June 19, 2022, 12pm to 6pm


Ages 18 +

Please bring a water bottle and sack lunch. Snack provided.

Instructors Megan Mack and Abby Wooten will teach how to convey narrative and landscape photography using images and text or audio narration. We will encourage participants to think about the narrative of the entire scene beyond the frame, using the question of what is missing or what we don’t see as a guide post. We will talk about tone, poetic sentences, storytelling, and poems. How do words enhance the image? How do words create new meaning?

What? This two day intensive workshop is to help artists and anyone with an interest in photography delve deeper into the idea behind language and imagery, with an introduction to photo-poetry and landscape photography

The term ‘photopoetry’ is a form in which combinations of poems and photographs create illustrative, evocative, and symbiotic relationships between text and image.
The idea behind this workshop is to create a photographic piece that moves beyond the aesthetic landscape image.

Complete a piece of digital, printed, or photographic work with text. You will explore “what is captured within the frame” and “what is purposely left out”.