Moscow Contemporary is still running educational and community programs but is no longer located at the corner of 5th and Main. Check the website for class schedules and locations.

Hopefully they will find a new home soon!


Moscow Contemporary is a non-commercial exhibition space presenting work by local, regional, national, and international artists creating work across all media. A diversity of perspectives reflective of the richness of our world. Addressing the two most important needs of the arts community, Moscow Contemporary brings cutting edge artists to exhibit, and leverages these opportunities to create enriching educational programs.


Art-making builds critical thinking and innovative solutions in problem-solving. Moscow Contemporary supports the acquisition of these skills through school day tours, after-school and summer programs, that embed learning about art through the power of making.


Moscow Contemporary creates museum quality exhibitions that are rented by other venues. This expands the visibility of the artists we exhibit to a national audience as well as awareness of the important work carried out by the gallery.


Studio spaces for K-12 programs also support adult workshops. High school and college students advance their learning through internships and independent projects.


The store welcomes visitors, contributing to the vibrancy of Main Street. It has unique offerings by artisans and crafts people from across the region, as well as being one of the best outlets for local creatives to sell their work and build audience.

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Roger Rowley, Director
Sonja Foard, Assistant Director