The City of Moscow and Farmers Market Commission just announced that Julene Ewert, a trail guide artist and one of 2dnw’s graphic designers, has been selected to create the visual design toolkit for the Moscow Farmers Market.  This special design project is intended to serve the brand identity of the Moscow Farmers Market. Ewert will work closely with Community Events Division staff to create a style guide and program graphics that are complementary to existing City of Moscow branding. The graphics and style guide will be used to create a comprehensive visual look for this historic community event.  Julene demonstrated the ability to create a design toolkit which will bridge the Moscow Farmers Market’s identity as a beloved past-time for both locals and visitors, while also recognizing its history as a leader in developing the region’s food system.  Congrats, Julene!  We love your work and can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Visit the Art By Julene trail guide listing and Julene’s website to see more of her spectacular work!