Why an Artisan Trail Guide?

Because central to our mission is a belief that the arts and handmade goods are key to a strong and vibrant place-based rural economy. So we work to support and create opportunities for art and food-based economic development; to cooperatively market the region’s artists and artisans; and to promote our region’s arts and fine crafts along with other locally made products such as foods, wines, unique sites, services, and experiences.

In 2007, a group of economic development, arts and tourism professionals dreamed of creating a trail guide to the cultural sites, experiences and businesses of the greater Palouse region – a nine county area between 45 and 47 degrees latitude in north central Idaho and southeastern Washington. UI Extension, Clearwater RC&D Council, supportive funders and Two Degrees Northwest partnered in 2011 to make that dream a reality. The guide leads residents and visitors to the unique assets of our region – the people, places and products that distinguish this region from Anywhere USA. Listings in this guide have been selected for authenticity and quality, providing these wonderful local businesses with an exclusive advertising opportunity.