Join the 2dnw crew to visit with Jessie Twigg-Harris, the owner of SWALE, right on Main Street in downtown Palouse, Washington. Jessie curates a fantastic array of her own original screen-printed goods along with pottery, art, accessories, home products and more—all the work of local artisans. SWALE is a celebration of local culture, and committed to radical neighboring. Buy in-store or online.

Hear why Swale—a place of both fertility and utility—is a great name for Jessie’s shop, watch her producing her signature screen-printed shirts and pillows, learn how the community supported SWALE through the pandemic, and get a sense of all of the many local hands that have produced the goods sold at SWALE.

We hope you’ll enjoy meeting Jessie and getting a peek behind the scenes at SWALE as we did! Watch the video here.