Bead your Cowboy hat

Cost: $125.00
Date: June 8, this is a four part class see all dates below
Register By: June 3
Project- Bead Your Cowboy Hat Learn how to do “Looming Without a Loom” and wrap stitch instructed by Medicine Prayer Woman (Deborah Clairmont-Ross) Artist and Author.

all Class times are 1:00pm to 3:00pm , except June 22nd  12:30 to 3:30 pm

June 8th:2-hour session will be how to design a pattern for beadwork on the brim of your hat and learn how to implement your design using the wrap stitch method.

June 22nd: follow-up 2-hour session on completion of brim and starting design for hat band if brim is completed.

July 13th:2-hour session making design for hat band and starting hat band using ‘looming without a loom’ technique.

July 27th: 2-hour class will be finishing hat ban looming without a loom and attaching to hat.

Materials to be supplied by students: Hat: Bring your Cowboy Hat with sewn brim: Stetson/Pendleton 100% Wool or Felt

Beads: glass -11/0 Toho Japanese Seed Beads in tubes or Czech size 11/0 seed beads on hanks (beads need to be uniform in size and shape) Make sure to buy enough to do project- matching beads is like matching yarn- difficult. If hanks- buy one hank each color to be used, tubes- depending on if small tube or large tube. 1 hank equals a large tube of beads. To be safe buy extra.

Beading Needles: John James size 12 sharps
Thread- Size O or A or D Nymo (bobbin or spool) recommend spool any color*

Scissors, Bic Lighter, small needle-nose pliers

On-line Suppliers:Shipwreck Beads, Beadaholique, The Wandering Bull, Crazy Crow, Fire Mountain Gems, Lima Beads .Local Suppliers:Warpath One Stop, Plummer, ID / Moccasin Flats Trading Post, 302 S Main St, Moscow, ID / Marsh’s Trading Post, Lewiston, ID

Local Hat Suppliers: North 40

Artist’s Statement: Medicine Prayer Woman (Deborah Clairmont-Ross) learned how to bead when she was 8 years old and has been doing Native American beading for 57 years. As an author, artist, she has worked with different mediums and has made beaded jewelry, barrettes. Necklaces, beaded clothing, beaded leather, dance outfits, and many other pieces of work. She has easily taught 100’s of students along her journey. Her goal is to share her knowledge of traditional Native American beading techniques before it is lost.