2DNW is...

A pilot program of University of Idaho Extension. Because Extension is statewide in Idaho and so are the 2DNW program director’s responsibilities, the intent is to either expand the geographical scope of 2DNW or help other regions in Idaho start their own programs focused on developing cultural in-dustries. For now, we are concentrating efforts in the north central part of the state.

Our Region:

Based in north central Idaho and southeastern Washington, and the places
between 45 and 47 degrees latitude, our region stretches from the Plummer/Worley area of
Idaho south to Riggins. From east to west, it encompasses towns such as Uniontown, Col-
fax, and Palouse in southwestern Washington state and across to the Wieppe/Pierce area
in Idaho, near the Montana border.

Our Mission:

We believe the arts and handmade goods are central to a strong and vibrant
place-based rural economy. Therefore, we work to support and create opportunities for art
and food-based economic development; to cooperatively market the region’s artists and ar-
tisans; and to promote our region’s arts and fine crafts along with other locally made prod-
ucts such as foods, wines, unique sites, services, and experiences.

Our History:

At the 2005 Idaho Governor’s Conference on Recreation and Tourism, Becky
Anderson, director of North Carolina’s HandMade in America described her organization’s
novel approach to rural economic development -- a strategy that helps communities iden-tify, enhance and market their unique sites, heritage, culture and products, developing
trails, guides and services for very rural communities. The idea appealed to many who
strive to identify effective solutions to economic change in rural Idaho.

In 2006, a group of Idaho agencies formed the Uniquely Idaho Steering Committee to sup-
port cultural tourism. Later that year, a small group of committed professionals in the
Clearwater area of north central Idaho, an arts group in St. Maries, and the Coeur d’Alene
Tribe developed proposals in response to the Idaho Commission on the Arts and Uniquely
Idaho’s request for information about interest in cultural tourism. The Uniquely Idaho
committee suggested the groups work together. An enthusiastic, region-wide response to
the directive combined with interest from Washington communities and resources provided
by University of Idaho Extension led to the creation of Two Degrees Northwest: Where Art
Meets the Land. Many thanks to the original group that helped launch the program: Kathleen
Burns (Moscow, ID), Sherry Klaus (Tensed, WA), Anne McCormack (Pullman, WA), Laura Lauma-tia (Plummer, ID), Keri Wilson (Clarkston, WA) & Elizabeth Carney (Moscow, ID)

Our Funders:

University of Idaho Extension, Idaho Commission on the Arts, USDA Rural Development, City of Moscow, Idaho Community Foundation, Latah County Community Foundation, Moscow Food Co-op. Funding also comes in the form of fees for services, such as inclusion in the trail guide and workshops.